Monday, 17 August 2015

Bulgur Bakewell Tart

The gloomy weather was making me crave something hearty and wholesome (not to mention the extra time I've been putting in at the gym), so Laura's recipe on The Whole Ingredient blog for a bakewell tart dessert sounded just perfect.
Alas, as readers of my blog (and the unfortunate souls who are invited for dinner) will tell you, I can't follow a recipe. Somewhere along the line, I change it (intentionally or otherwise!). This recipe was no exception - I used bulgur wheat instead of quinoa and swapped the tahini paste for two heaped tablespoons of peanut butter.
But what a result! The base was tender but still had a nutty bite, the cherry layer was jammy and sweet, and the softly toasted almonds on top added a nice crunch (and made the whole house smell divine!). I had one piece straight from the oven (well, you have to don't you!), the other the next day warmed up with vanilla ice-cream, and the last piece with extra berries and yoghurt for breakfast. Delicious!

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